Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the payment request not match the amount I set up on my prepaid account?

When you choose a prepaid account, there are two situations that can explain a different amount on your bill:

  1. The first time a bill is sent as a result of a prepaid account, it will include the already started month. So the amount will be equal to the amount of the prepaid account plus one month’s subscription.

    For example, you have a subscription of €2.5 per month. You set a budget of €15. The first bill will be €17.5. Subsequent bills will be €15.

  2. For accounting reasons, Nubo can not charge more than 6 months of a typical subscription. You can always choose to add a higher amount to your prepaid account, but the amount charged will remain limited.

    For example, you use 5 GB of quota, so your subscription is €2.5 per month. You set up a prepaid account of up to €50, but you get a bill from Nubo of €15 (6 × 2.5). If you increase your quota to 10 GB, your subscription will increase to €5 per month and your next bill will be €30 (6 × 5).