Working groups

At Nubo, various work areas are coverd by workgroups (WG) who organize and execute tasks with their respective resources and members.

Their objectives and lifespan can evolve according to the needs of the cooperative.

Internal groups

A series of internal workgroups are reserved for team members:

  • Technical WG
  • Communication WG
  • Finance WG
  • Legal WG

As Nubo is still in a development phase, these groups are reserved for the team for the time being.

Open groups

Working groups are open to shareholders who wish to devote some time to the cooperative.

There are currently two open working groups:

  • Towards new General Terms of Use (GTU). A first version of the General Terms of Use, proposed by the team, was voted on at the 2020 annual General Meeting. We would like the GTUs to be co-written by all shareholders. This group is open to those who wish to get more involved in the preparations and exchange sessions around a more collaborative version of the CTU.
  • Translations and proofreading. As Nubo is a bilingual project with some of its communication in English, all communication must - or should - be published in both Dutch and French, and if possible in English, which is no easy task! If you’d like to contribute with translations (especially to Dutch) or proofreading, or discuss existing texts, don’t hesitate to join this group.

To join, add yourself to the associated group on Nubo agora, which will give you access to a category reserved for the working group. All contributions are welcome, and you are free to join or leave the groups at any time.

A list of groups

Anything else?

The administrative body can establish new working groups at any time, but members of the cooperative can also propose new workgroups at the General Meeting.

Would you like to offer a helping hand in another way? Or launch a new working group? Don’t hesitate to send us a message or talk about it on Nubo agora!

More information

If you wish, you can read page 44 of the business plan which summarizes the vision of the work groups (in French).