Project phases

Nubo’s development takes places in four phases.

  1. Completed! Preparations. With its network and initial funds in place, Nubo is getting ready, preparing its management and communication tools.

  2. Completed! Call for co-operators. Nubo is inviting everybody to become a co-operator. The goal is to raise €50,000.

  3. Completed! Technical developments. Once the funds has been raised, Nubo develops its infrastructure and services. The services go through a beta phase to allow for user-testing and fine-tuning technical processes. The first support sections and tutorials are introduced. It is still possible to buy shares, while the cooperative is consolidating its human and administrative resources.

  4. Production. This is the phase everyone’s been waiting for: the one in which Nubo’s services are fully accessible and operational. At this point, Nubo needs to keep growing until it reaches around 2,000 users. Only then will the cooperative be truly financially sustainable.

Where are we today?

Today, Nubo is launched! We’re still aiming for around 2,000 users.

You can help Nubo achieve its goals by joining Nubo: subscribe to its services, take one or more shares, or both! And don’t hesitate to spread the word around you.


An overview of the project main developments and key events, from its beginnings to the present day:

From the end of 2016 The various partners begin to reflect about the project.
May 2017 The project team is more formally constituted and starts the project with more regular meetings.
October 2017 to April 2018 Participation in CoopCity’s SEEDS program which supports the development and organization of social economy projects.
November 2017 to January 2018 Market research, including an online survey on the perception of digital services and expectations in relation to the cooperative project.
January to June 2018 Feasibility study, creation of a financial plan and a business plan accompanied by the SEEDS program.
June 2018 Creation of the Nubo non-profit organization by the project team to support the first steps.
January 28, 2019 The six founding associations sign before the notary and create Nubo scrl-fs, the cooperative with a social purpose.
June 2019 Nubo raises the first 12,000 euros needed to prepare the financing campaign.
Summer 2019 Launch of the public offering, with the aim of raising at least €50,000 in share purchases from the general public.
December 2019 The campaign objective has been reached, and Nubo has raised a total of over €65,000 in capital, solely through the acquisition of shares by individuals and legal entities.
From March 2020 on Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nubo’s activities slow down and several events are cancelled or postponed.
April 2020 The €100,000 mark in total capital is reached, with more than 4,000 shares purchased since the cooperative’s inception.
July 2020 The team expands, and the cooperative creates a part-time position for a person to take care of communications, the second salaried employee in Nubo’s history.
September 2020 The 500-member mark is passed, and Nubo organizes its first major general meeting (online), which approves a first version of the general conditions of use.
February 2021 Development work continues with the design of an administration interface, the configuration of various services and the adaptation of refurbished servers.
May 2021 Nubo’s second general meeting is held online again. The servers are installed in the data center.
September to November 2021 Test workshops with cooperators are held to fine-tune the Nubo interface. Technical development continues.
December 2021 Nubo opens in beta phase to cooperators. Feedback enables the team to improve services and organize support.
January 28, 2022 Public launch of Nubo. At that moment, the cooperative has 643 members. 263 people participated in the beta testing.