About Nubo

Nubo is a Belgian cooperative with a social purpose.

It is possible to take shares. These shares enable those who wish to participate in the life of the cooperative and support the project.


Nubo essentially provides e-mail and cloud services.

Services are available for a monthly subscription fee of just a few euros. The price is designed to be as fair as possible, so that everyone can benefit, while enabling Nubo to be adequately financed.

  • The mail service enables the use of e-mail addresses and the exchange of e-mails. E-mail addresses are the basis of our online identities.

  • The cloud services offer an online space for storing, synchronizing and sharing data (documents, photos, address books, calendars, etc.).

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Why Nubo

The services are ethical : no use or resale of data, no advertising or tracking. They are based on open-source software.

The cooperative defends privacy and promotes digital autonomy for all. It is a human-scale structure.

It is part of a network of players with similar values, and contributes to the digital commons (contributions to free software, exchange of know-how…).

Next steps

Nubo has launched! Everyone is welcome to take shares or subscribe (or both).

The aim is to reach around 2.000 subscriptions to ensure the financial stability of the project.

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Founding structures and team

Nubo was founded by six like-minded organizations that have been active in the digital sector for several years. These structures are the founders of Nubo scrl-fs and they made up the first administrative body.

Each of the structures mandated one of its members to represent it at the founding of the cooperative. These people formed the core of the project team during the preparatory phase and, for the most part, continue the work for Nubo today.

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