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Respects privacy, no tracking, no advertising
Take back your data - from € 2,5 per month



A (really) private e-mailaddress



Save and share files, collaborate



Synchronise calendars on multiple devices



And all of this via a cooperative!

Nubo, what is it?

Nubo is currently 978 shareholders and 704 subscriptions.

Nubo is online storage (cloud) and an address (mail) that you control.

Nubo is a Belgian cooperative that proposes online services respecting privacy.

Nubo is for everyone, for any use or level of expertise.

All this for the price of a coffee: starting from 2,5€ per month!

Nubo, for whom?

Nubo is for anyone who wants to get their digital life under control again – on your pc, your smartphone or any other device. But we are also there for:
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— Anyone who is afraid they might not understand. We will guide you step by step!gently

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— Anyone that wants to move on from Big Tech, but doesn’t find the time or courage to do it. Because it is easier than you thinkreally easy

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— Anyone who might think that such a structure will not be long-lived. Because as a cooperative we are many, and together we are strong! Also, we rely on a network of experienced structures.some of those are more than 20 years old!

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  • Anyone that is used to getting services for free. After all, these seemingly free services are paid for by using and abusing your personal data. Nubo is therefore not gratis, but you always pay a correct, competitive price.and transparent, because every euro is invested in the cooperative
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  • Anyone hesitating to change email addresses. Because leaving gmailhotyahoomailoutlook behind and taking back control of your digital life, that’s like growing up.just a little (you can also sign up for your own domain name)
Hey You! Time for homework! Yes I know, just a minute, I'm looking at grandma'svacation pictures. She's sharing them via Nubo. Yep! I showed her how it works. She's doing great. A lot better than you in fact! Gramdma uses Nubo?

Nubo, why would you?

Nubo, because surveillance is unacceptable. Using online services shouldn’t require us to be observed, tracked and profiled all the time.

Nubo, because our devices are constantly connected through platforms that are controlled by megacorporations. Their only goal is to make a profit, and all we need is reliable services.

Nubo, because the mass aggregation and unlimited collection of big data only strengthens monopolies and facilitates manipulation.

Nubo, because we are people, not products. Our messages, habits, documents, travel itineraries and other data are not resources to be exploited.

Nubo, because it is possible! Technically it can be done now, and we need more ethical online services.

Nubo, how does it work?

Through buying shares, shareholders become co-owners of the infrastructure. We know where data are kept and how they are being processed. Data cannot be accessed or used without our knowledge.

Nubo respects and protects our privacy.

By making important decisions together, we can be sure that the cooperative is always at the service of its users. The structure guarantees transparency and governance in which everyone has a say.

Nubo is a cooperative that pursues a social goal.

Because we are embedded within a local structure, we promote local employment and economies. The cooperative encourages meetings, exchanges and mutual aid. We do not entrust our data to machines. We entrust them to people.

Nubo is a network on a human scale.

Nubo, how much does it cost?

At Nubo you can take a share for €25. We keep the price low because we want everyone to be able to become a member of our cooperative. Take 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 or as many as you want!

It is thanks to these shares that Nubo can collect funds that are necessary to set up its services. Every share counts, also for other shareholders.

Nubo, that’s a subscription of €2.5 per month for 5 GB (current price). For people who haven’t taken shares, the price is a bit higher.

We tried to strike a balance between an accessible price and an amount that keeps the structure financially sound. 5 gigabytes is sufficient for most purposes but you can increase your storage space, and of course always at a correct price.