Support Nubo

Support Nubo!

If you would like to support Nubo financially, there are several ways to do so:

  • Take a subscription and talk about the project: Nubo’s goal is to reach a sufficient number of subscriptions to be financially self-sufficient. The best way to support Nubo is to subscribe or convince others to subscribe!

    You can also sign up for a sponsorship account. More information on this page.

  • Increase your quota: If you’d like to be more generous, you can voluntarily increase the quota of your account, which will increase the price of your monthly subscription. Subscription money is a source of revenue on which Nubo can rely in the long term.

    Nubo has more than enough disk space to cover the needs of all users up to its goal of hosting: 2,000 subscriptions and beyond. So there’s no risk in reserving “excess” space.

  • Become a member of te cooperative: This means, first of all, gaining voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and taking a closer interest in the management of the structure. Please note that taking shares is a risky investment: their value is directly linked to the cooperative’s financial situation.

    Share subscriptions are limited to a maximum of €5,000 per member and €500,000 per year for the cooperative as a whole, in accordance with current regulations.

  • Make a donation: Nubo cooperative is accompanied by its little sister Nubo asbl, which can receive donations to support its activities. Its role? To raise awareness of alternatives like Nubo by all possible means, to support the Nubo users’ self-help network and to help organize volunteers around Nubo. Discreet, the asbl has been supporting the cooperative since before its formal creation.

    To make a donation, please transfer funds to the Nubo asbl account:
    IBAN : BE70 5230 8099 9725 (BIC : TRIOBEBB) - Communication : DON >
    Thank you for your donation. Thank you for supporting us!

Why support Nubo?

Privacy is an essential component of democracy. To preserve it, it’s important for everyone to be able to find an alternative to so-called “free” online services that make money by using our personal data and diverting our attention. Nubo proposes to organize itself collectively in a transparent cooperative open to all to offer this alternative.

The real ambition of the project is to bring about a change in society. To achieve this, we need to bring together enough people to instill a strong cooperative dynamic, but also to guarantee the structure’s autonomy and the sustainability of its services.