Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I change my disk space?

Whichever payment method you choose, the principle remains the same: The month is priced based on the maximum disk space you determined for that month.

If you reduce your disk space, nothing special happens for the current month, since you have already paid for the higher amount at the beginning of the month. So you pay less from the next month.

If you increase your disk space, Nubo will charge you the extra amount the following month, along with the price increase appropriate to the new setting.

Not quite clear yet? Here are two examples (using a cooperator’s rates):

  1. On March 1, your disk space is 10 GB, so you pay €5 for March. On March 15, you decrease to 5 GB. The maximum disk space for March is still 10 GB. Nothing special happens for the month of March, and from April you pay €2.5 (rate for 5 GB).
  1. On May 1, your disk space is 5 GB, so you pay €2.5 for May. On May 15, your disk space increases to 10 GB. The maximum disk space for May is now 10 GB. In June, you pay €5 (new rate for 10 GB) + €2.5 (surcharge for May), i.e. €7.5.