Frequently Asked Questions


What are my billing options?

Nubo offers two ways to pay for your subscription: you can pay monthly, or you can choose a prepaid amount.

Monthly Payment.

You simply receive an invoice every month.

Prepaid amount

You choose an amount to top up your account with.

With a prepaid amount:

  • Every first day of the month, the amount for the coming month is deducted from your budget. If the funds become insufficient, you will receive a new invoice to top up your budget (if the month has already started you will receive an invoice for the required amount + one month’s subscription).

  • You must also set a minimum amount. Nubo will send you an invoice once this minimum amount is reached, so you keep a safety margin. We recommend setting the minimum amount at least equal to one month’s subscription fee.

  • For accounting reasons, the maximum amount charged by Nubo will be six months of subscription at the going rate. You can always add a higher amount to your prepaid account, for example on the day you increase your quota, but the amount charged will be capped.

    For example, you use 5 GB of quota, so your subscription is €2.5 per month. You set up a prepaid account of up to €50, but Nubo charges €15 (6 × 2.5). If you increase your quota to 10 GB, your subscription will increase to €5 per month and your next bill will be €30 (6 × 5).