Frequently Asked Questions


How are subscription fees calculated?

Nubo offers a subscription system with maximum flexibility. Fees are calculated monthly based on the subscriber’s disk space.

How does the monthly fee work?

Nubo only takes full calendar months into account. You pay for January, February, March, etc. A period does not overlap two months. This keeps invoices clear and legible.

What is disk space?

Disk space (or “quota,” “volume”) is the space you reserve for your data on the Nubo servers. You can adjust this disk space to your needs at any time. You pay each month based on the amount of disk space you choose. Your disk space includes your mail and cloud storage. If there are other accounts attached to your subscription, they are also included in the monthly rate.

How much does it cost?

The base price is €2.5 per month for 5 GB. You can’t take less disk space.

After that:

  • Up to 10 GB: €0.5 per additional gigabyte.
  • From 11 to 100 GB: €0.25 per extra gigabyte.
  • From 101 GB: €0.10 per extra gigabyte.

Non-cooperators pay 1 euro extra per month.

A table with sample rates can be found on this page.