Frequently Asked Questions

Values & Principles

What is Nubo's ambition ?

One of the reasons the project was born, was to resist the massive centralization of our personal data. Nubo enables all its users to pool resources and to meet the needs of their daily digital lives. The cooperative must therefore reach a sufficient critical size to meet this objective in the long run.

Nubo also wants to be strong enough to play a positive role in society: educating users, supporting digital emancipation, helping to protect the internet commons, and so on. We also need to be able to support other associations or initiatives that are moving in the same direction.

However, Nubo wants to remain a cooperative on a human scale: in this respect, there is a certain size that it does not wish to exceed. If, one day, it grows beyond the size that is humanly manageable, then rather than expanding, we’ll have to think about replicating Nubo!