Last week-end in Amsterdam


Image by Alex released CC BY 4.0

I am happy to announce that the CHATONS network has a little cousin since last week-end: together with other actors in free/libre and ethical hosting from various European countries we started the Libre Hosters Network.

Members from 12 different hosting collectives (young and old) gathered in Amsterdam. After several month of loose chatting online it was great to meet in real life. There was a nice energy between participants, a very positive and creative work meeting.

Nubo was the little one in this circle, as it is only a project and not a functional service provider at this point. But as it's founders (Domaine Public, Nestor and Cassiopea) are libre hosters since long it feels all right to be an active member amidst the libre hosters network. 

The meeting also included people that could not make it to Amsterdam, via VoIP conferences. Like this we could avoid people flying in to be part of this creation meeting. Of course it's not the same as meeting physically, but I think it worked nicely.


The first day topics where all about presentations to get to know each other and then defining the values we want the network to carry.

We had a one hour VoIP meeting with PYG and Jean-Yves from the CHATONS network. They gave us some insight in the history and functioning of CHATONS, which was really helpful. The CHATONS are functioning in french only, that's why we wanted to set up a new network with English as main language (which might be more useful for a Belgian player..). But besides the language there might not be much differences. I guess members of one network are going to be in the others too, as the values and goals seem to be identical.


On Sunday things got more concrete. We worked out a basis for a governance models and set up collaboration tools for the network to continue to be constructed. And also a small website.


The network is not ready to address a wide public, as we only constructed it's fundament for now. So, if you are a user you might have to wait a few more months before something useful comes out of this. If you are a hoster, and interested in joining, please find us on