What is Nubo?

We want to offer online services - open source, ethical, decentralised and solidary - to provide a counterweight for the collection and centralisation of private data for commercial ends. We want everyone to be able to find a service that is local, ethical, transparent and simple all at the same time. Nubo will be the cooperative that will offer these kinds of services.

Who is it for?

Nubo first and foremost targets individuals. We're also thinking about developing services for freelancers and educational institutions but this remains to be decided throughout the development of the project.

Which services will Nubo offer?

The survey will provide us with more information about the needs. For now we are thinking of starting with email accounts and a cloud service for storing and sharing documents, calendars and address books. Afterwards other services can be added to that list.

Why this project?

Deciding who to trust with your personal data is also a decision about the type of society that we want to build. The massive centralisation of data on the internet which is currently taking place gives excessive power to very few giant players. They have access to a mass of personal information never before seen in history and it all happens outside democratic control.

Why a local solution for services on the internet?

A local project allows us to: * know where our data resides (which legislation and jurisdiction) * meet those who take care of our data. There are people behind internet services. Might as well build confidence if these data are important to us.

Nubo vs Google ?

No, we are not trying to dethrone Google, we're not that naive ;) But every piece of information that can be kept away from the devourers of data is a small step in the right direction. If the idea takes root, there is hope.

Is Nubo all alone?

No. Nubo is connected with many other projects and networks. Specifically the campaign "let's de-google the internet" has put in place the network of CHATONS (Collectif des Hébergeurs Alternatifs, Transparents, Ouverts, Neutres et Solidaires). Nubo is part of that movement and adheres to its charter (https://chatons.org/fr/charte-et-manifeste)


The idea is to build a network of multiple alternative hosting services spread out over a large area by forging links in a decentralized way. If a player in such a network falls away the other links in the chain can compensate for the loss. We can also unite our strengths and exchange experiences and tools throughout this network.

Why a cooperative?

A cooperative acts in the common interest of its members following the principles of democratic and transparent governance. The basic idea is to collectively be the owner of the servers where our data are stored and to decide as a group about the services and procedures. We think this is a necessary condition for the development of web services that are genuinely ethical.

Why a cooperative with a social goal?

Compared with classic cooperatives, a cooperative with a social goal analyses the needs of society and sets its goals accordingly. It works for the common good. This is one of our fundamental objectives. Furthermore, this limits the amount of dividends that can be handed over to the members. We want to unite for a common social objective, not for profit.

Why a cooperative for online services?

This project is not limited to the economical and social benefit of its members. It wants to respond to the need of hosting their private information in an ethical way, without turning them into a merchandise. Being a member of Nubo will mean: * being co-owner of the servers which contain the data * making decisions together, from the management and the protection of the data to the functioning of the structure as a whole * assuming collectively the power and the responsibility * knowing where your data are * collectively decide on the terms of sale and the ethics of the enterprise * writing our charter on respecting privacy together

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a group of people, physical and/or moral, that come together for their common economical and societal benefit. The cooperative model is that of a democratic and transparent enterprise. Its governance is based on the principle of "one man, one vote". The cooperative is founded around real needs and is based on communal interests. The members are co-owners, associates and clients at the same time.

Do I have to be a member to be able to use Nubo's services?

This is still to be decided. We would like to defend the idea that to be a co-owner of our data means you are also responsible for them. But this principle might exclude people who will then stay with the private, proprietary services? It's subject to debate. If you would like to contribute to this debate, or any other, please see our contact page.

When will Nubo come into existence?

The creation of the cooperative and the launch of the services will occur when 1000 persons are ready to buy shares in the cooperative. After that the number of people will have to increase for the project to be viable. The current survey will give us an idea about the interest there is in such a project.

Why open source software?

Open source software is the only software that we can really know and adapt to our needs. It is also the most robust and resilient. So it answers our technical needs. And because open source software flows back to the community, it responds more to our values and the type of society that we want to help create. Lastly, we do not limit the open source to the technical tools. We want openness to be at the heart of our project, at the heart of our tools and of the network that we want to help establish.

What does "Nubo" mean?

It means "cloud" in Esperanto.

Who is Nubo?

The organisations currently developing the project are

Who supports Nubo?


Build the community. Do you have an idea for a partnership? Talk to us abou it! Do you want to volunteer for us? There's plenty to do! You are most welcome.


write to us : hello@nubo.coop