Nubo - a project

Large parts of our lives are on the internet today: emails, pictures and shared files, through online searches and shopping. Many services which appear to be free, offered by large private enterprises, make our lives more comfortable but this does come at a price. These businesses centralise enormous amounts of personal information and they use and abuse this information for their own monetary gain (targeted advertising and the selling of our personal data, for one) outside of any public scrutiny and without worrying about the effects on society (content verification, the place of publicity in the public debate, etc.). These businesses operate without the user knowing how and without real consent.

We find this worrying. Which is why we would like to launch a projects that allows the users to become once again the real owners of their own personal data. We want to launch a cooperative that is based on open source software, providing trustworthy services that allow one to live a digital life with confidence, with an ethical basis.