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I have read about the participation of Agnez and Martin at the "Gemeinsame Infrastruktur" workshop at FrOSCon.

There it says, that you will offer your services to customers in belgium, but have to support 4 languages. So why not offer your services to anyone worldwide since many people speak one of these languages?

That might be a huge effort and against decentralization, but until every country has it's own ethical hosting coop, it would be very good for many people and you could have very cheap prices since hosting would be very efficient.

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Our answer:


Hi David,

Thanks for your message, and thanks also to Jan Ulrich for the nice report on!

In principle nothing opposes to use Nubo's services if you are not situated in Belgium but that's not where we'll put our efforts in.

One of the main aims of our project is to be a local actor.

Of course, technically there is no reason to stay in local boundaries if you offer online services. But we don't want just to be a provider of services on the Internet. We want to be humans that run the project for humans that we can meet in real life. We wish to contribute to technical emancipation by organizing help sessions, find ambassadors and people who can help people. We want to integrate in an existing network of mutual help within the landscape of associations that exist here in Belgium.

There are also some legal reasons to favor a local provider. You might think your privacy is supposedly better assured in your own country,which should defend the interest of its citizen. If not it's there that you can try to change things, get active and claim your digital rights from the local politicians. I know, reality is not that easy, but if we wouldn't believe in the citizens' power where would we be..

It could also happen that you'd like to defend yourself legally (what of course we hope will not occur). In that case it's easiest to rely on local jurisdictions.

If Belgium has the difficulty to deal with several languages it has the advantage not to be wide stretched geographically (positive thinking ;) ) It is not too much effort to organize meetings in every province.

Our future users will be the co-owners of the company. The possibility that they can get involved in the cooperative's turn of events is important. The terms of services are the ones they have written together. They are part of the general assembly and have their vote on decisions.

What we dream of is many players like nubo everywhere. So I hope that you will find a libre hoster in your area to confide your data to. There are already plenty out there, but they are not so visible yet. That's hopefully going to change in the future.

So, feel welcome to participate in Nubo as a user/owner, but I'm afraid you will quickly feel that we coddle close people only :)


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